Rainy Day Made Better with Puppaccinos!

So, it’s another #RainyDay in Nashville, and by rainy, I mean the sky has opened up and dumped all of the watery content it could possibly contain directly above our house.

Can someone say #MudFest?!

There are muddy paw prints all over the floors, the rugs, the sofa, my pants. Nevermind that I try to catch all twelve dirty paws as they are running through the door with my little dirty paw towel; these canines are stealthy little boogers and they have a way of outsmarting mom every time. It’s like herding cats! They’re like little furry ninjas!

Mom: 0, Dogs: 3

Well, as you can probably guess, rainy days are bad when you have a pit bull. Because pit bulls have LOTS of energy and want to play outside All. Day. Long. And when they cannot play outside, guess what happens? Well, I will just let Briley tell you what happens:

Ah, yes. The story ends well, because in fact the rain did clear and the sun did come out, and Starbucks Puppaccinos made everything better and gave all of the pups all of the happies!

Old man Shelboo got to ride with me to pick them up, so he got first dibs. Hey, the guy’s got seniority.


Do you even know about Puppaccinos? Next time you pull through a Starbucks, ask them for one if your pup pal is in tow. They’ll hand you a tiny, adorable cup of whipped cream so your pooch can enjoy a sweet treat! Of course, I rarely do this, since sugar is neither good for Shelboo nor his mom (who may or may not be addicted to coffee frapps) but sometimes, it’s fun to indulge in a guilty pleasure. And Shelboo says that since he’s nearly 90 in human years, he’s doggone deserved a special treat once in a while!

When we got home, sweet old MollyBear woke up from her nap long enough to enjoy the other half of the cup.


And then, yes, Briley got a Puppaccino of her very own. And then it became the Best. Day. Ever!

IMG_5246 copy

Has your pup ever enjoyed a Puppaccino? If so, tell us about it! Or, share your pup’s own “guilty pleasure” in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Rainy Day Made Better with Puppaccinos!

  1. I feel like a terrible pet parent, but my Ruby’s “guilty pleasure” is … beer. I limit her to one, though, and I don’t let her drive afterward. Perhaps I should switch her to Puppaccinos; but she really does love that Modelo Especial on a hot summer day.


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